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Over 65 million people in this country do not have “traditionally” acceptable credit scores. That is one out of five consumers. Yet, that person needs furniture, bedding and appliances just as much as the other four do. Now, the key to a new financing alternative is here.

KEYCAPITAL LEASING is expanding and changing the way sales are done in the retail furniture, bedding and appliance industry, so more people have access to the things they need and desire. By providing real-time solutions to credit-based challenges, we help you and your customers purchase the merchandise they need and when they need it. Even if they don’t have the requisite credit score.



Your business is to drive sales by optimizing the customer experience. At KEYCAPITAL LEASING, our business is to provide you with the means to capture that 20% of the consumer market your business may be missing, or even worse, may be losing. We do this by:

  • We listen to you, first and foremost.
  • We design a seamless program around your objectives.
  • We focus on the customer experience as the foundation of the program.
  • We play by the rules—the program will always comply with applicable state regulations.
  • We provide proprietary underwriting supported by state-of-the-art technology.
  • We train your sales and support personnel.
  • Our Call Center is conveniently open seven days a week.
  • We provide marketing and point-of-sale support.
  • We protect your customers by never selling or sharing their information.
  • We are loyal to our retail partners; approvals generated by your store stay with you and cannot be used elsewhere.
  • We assume the risk, with no recourse to our retail partner.
  • We assume the cost, with no retail partner fees (exceptions may apply).

Everything begins and ends with the customer. They are the invited guest and you are the host. It’s our privilege at KEYCAPITAL LEASING to help make this important aspect of the customer experience even better.


At KEYCAPITAL LEASING, we design a Lease-Purchase Program specific to the needs of your business while ensuring compliance with respective state regulations.

There are basically two types of customers who are credit-challenged:

The Circumstantial—Due to circumstances, whether from their own doing or beyond their control.

The Provisional—Anyone who has yet to establish a sound credit score, such as a recent college graduate or single person.

For both of these customer types, KEYCAPITAL LEASING presents Features and Benefits for an enhanced and successful sales experience.

KEYCAPITAL LEASING offers two programs, the Primary or Custom Option programs. With these programs, you can increase your sales volume, customer loyalty and overall satisfaction ratings.


  • No Credit Needed
  • No Down Payment
  • Seamless Application Technology - Decisions within 60 Seconds
  • Minimal Approval Requirements
  • Flexible Payment Options (weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, monthly)
  • Early Buyout and 90-Day Options
  • No Paperwork
  • E-signature
  • On-Line 24/7 Application Capability
  • Real-Time Sales Support Dashboard
  • Interactive Calculator


  • All the Primary Features and Benefits, plus
  • Private Label*
  • Payroll Card Acceptance
  • Application Cascade Technology
  • E-Commerce Technology
  • Batch Funding
  • Extended Open Approval, Pending Lease Signature and Unused Balance Timeframes
  • Dedicated Support
*With a Private Label strategy, we will enhance your brand awareness and recognition, as you will enjoy exclusivity with your private label name. Your store dealership will be the only one to have access to your label and name.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is most unique about the KEYCAPITAL LEASING Lease Purchase Program?

While there are many unique characteristics about the KEYCAPITAL LEASING program, the main points are the no credit needed or down payment required; 60-second approvals; no-penalty early payouts; flexible customer payment options; seamless technology; and custom option capability.

Will my customers have their credit pulled, even if it is not used for approval?

No, your customer will not have their credit pulled. Their approval is not based on their credit report from any of the three credit bureaus.

Are my customers able to apply online?

Yes, at KEYCAPITAL LEASING, we provide you with the necessary URL codes to set up the application on your store’s website. The customer can apply 24/7. It’s all handled through our proprietary underwriting and technology platforms.

How do I manage my KEYCAPITAL LEASING applications?

KEYCAPITAL LEASING creates a win-win partnership with all our retail partners by providing tools to help you to manage your application and improve your sales. We provide an online portal to check the status of your customer applications, 24/7. From there, you can track the number of applications, approvals and customers funded as well as see the total dollar amount waiting for invoice or customer signature. We also send automatic updates via email showing approvals, weekly status, funded customers and paid-out customers.

What type of merchandise does KEYCAPITAL LEASING provide a Lease Purchase?

We provide a Lease Purchase Program on durable goods such as residential furniture, bedding and appliances.

What support is offered by KEYCAPITAL LEASING?

KEYCAPITAL LEASING provides you with the latest technology, such as e-signature capabilities, retail partner portal, electronic capture of the photo ID information and online application. In addition, you have a dedicated KEY Account Representative to provide ongoing training and store support.

Can the KEYCAPITAL LEASING Program be integrated with third-party application POS platforms?

Yes, KEYCAPITAL LEASING has the API guides prepared to integrate with most third-party POS platforms.

Are there Dealer fees or application minimums with KEYCAPITAL LEASING?

Generally, there are no dealer fees or application minimums required to enroll under the Primary Features and Benefits Program.

How do I become a retail partner with KEYCAPITAL LEASING?

To apply with KEYCAPITAL LEASING, call 1.844.805.6384 or email John Duffy, vice president of sales.


KEYCAPITAL LEASING is the corporate brand of MNGH, LLC, a privately held company headquartered in Tampa, Florida. MNGH specializes in providing customized, branded Lease-Purchase Programs for the retail furniture, appliance and bedding industry. With over 35 years of experience, MNGH, LLC (dba as KEYCAPITAL LEASING), has provided an unrivaled service experience to thousands of retail furniture, bedding and appliance retail partners and consumers.

We are guided by a strategic mission, vision and set of values to serve our retail partners and consumers in the best possible manner.

To provide a personalized lease purchase solution with an unrivaled customer experience in the home furnishings, bedding and appliance markets.
To be the preferred, branded lease purchase solution for our home furnishing, bedding and appliance partners and their customers.


We treat each partner and consumer with individualized attention, respect and appreciation for their business.


We endeavor to provide the highest level of service to our partners and consumers throughout the relationship.


We adhere to all state regulations to ensure complete compliancy and to always do the right thing for our partners and our consumers.


We are committed to a "market of one" philosophy to increase the success of our partner and consumer relationships.


We continually strive to provide the most-advanced technology, reporting and analysis for our partners' ease and confidence.